Nick-Nack Shelf Kit

(Assembling the Shelf)

Whether you are a mom or you are looking for the perfect gift for your mom, this shelf kit is the perfect Mother’s Day Project. The back and top board are a paint grade maple and there are three paint-grade corbel options to choose from. All you need is a power screwdriver or drill, a measuring tape, and some creative ideas on how to put the finishing touches together.

The corbels have keyholes on the back side for attaching to the wall, but we don’t need them for this build. The first step is going to be to remove this hardware from the back of the corbels.

Use your power drill or a screwdriver to remove the phillips head screws that are holding the metal brackets on. Since these aren’t needed for this project, put them in your stash of hardware for another project!

Shelf Kit Backboard Reference

The backboard for the kit comes with pocket holes predrilled to attach to the top of the shelf as well as predrilled holes for screwing into the corbels. You will also see the keyhole brackets that can be used to attach the shelf to the the wall when completed.

Attach top and back boards with the Smaller Screws

Attach the backboard to the shelf top by placing the top on a flat stable surface, then setting the backboard on the top edge of the top and centering it. If you have wood clamps, it is easier to attach if you can clamp the boards to the work surface, but no worries if not. You can hold the board in place while you tighten the screw. (Use the 1″ grey screws)

With the shelf still upside down on your workstation, add the corbels on the ends. There is a little room to decide how close to the ends you want it, but make sure that the predrilled holes are at least 1/2″ inside the outside edge of the corbel on either side. (Use the 1.25″ black screws)

Now your project is ready to paint!

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