Nic Nac Shelf Kit (part 2)

If you were following along in Part One of the Nick-Nack Shelf Kit, your shelf is assembled and ready to paint. There are several ways you can finish this shelf to give it a unique look. A few ideas are:

  • Use a stencil to paint your family name in the center of the shelf
  • Attach picture frames or clips to hold family pictures
  • Install some hooks/knobs to make this nick-nack shelf double as a coat rack so that keys, coats and purses can be collected at the front door!

Because I’m using the mission corbel shelf, I chose some matching mission-style cabinet pulls from Osborne to use as hooks and tie the look together.

While the paint is drying on your shelf, prepare your wall to hang the shelf. The keyhole brackets on the back of the shelf are spaced 16″ apart, which is a standard distance between studs in many houses. If you want the most secure installation, installing directly into a stud is ideal, but it isn’t always the most practical if the studs aren’t where you want the shelf. Fortunately this shelf kit comes with self-drilling drywall anchors so you don’t have to be limited by your stud locations. Make two marks on the wall where you need to install your hardware.

Use a level to make sure that the dots are level so that the shelf will hang straight. When I was doing this project I couldn’t find my level, so I turned my shelf upside down and used my measure app on my iPhone as a level. Then I drew a line to connect my two dots to make sure they were level, using the shelf as a straight edge.

Once you have double checked that the locations of the marks for the screws are where you want them, use your drill to screw the anchor into the wall. The anchor will drill the hole in your drywall without needing a hole pre-drilled!

Once the anchors are in, take the last two screws and install them into the drywall anchor but don’t tighten. You want the head of the screw protruding enough to get the shelf on but tight enough that the shelf is snug up against the wall.

The last step is to line the keyholes up over the screws. You should be able to give the shelf a little downward push to get the screw heads set into the keyholes.

The last step is to take a picture of your shelf and share it!

 What kind of corbel style did you choose?

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