Rustic Farm Style Desk

I love farmhouse style furniture and was thrilled when Osborne Wood Products released a new line of plank table top kits. These simple kits are a great way to build your own top that will look great without a lot of post build sanding. If you have ever made a table top and sanded it flat you know how much arm work can be involved in getting everything perfectly smooth and even. Osborne partnered with me on building a two person table (Perfect for a work desk) that was fun and easy to put together. This is a great project for a beginner level woodworker, or for a more experienced builder that is stretched thin on time.

The plank table uses both a dowel attachment system and pocket holes to give the table additional strength. First, I laid out the table planks and made sure that I was happy with the order, then glued in the dowels and screwed the joints tight. This approach makes long wood clamps unnecessary so this project is perfect even if you just have a power screwdriver to work with.

I picked out a one step wood finish that stained and sealed the wood in one step. I love how this honey maple finish added some warmth to the pine without dramatically changing the color. I always sand between coats of finish and added 3 coats before calling it good.

After the top was finished I set it aside and worked on assembling the base. This is an Osborne table base kit, so the skirt boards and table legs have a strong mortise and tenon joint precut with wood corner brackets to reinforce the corners.

Weathered Wood Table Legs

To add to the rustic farm look, I asked Osborne to add their weathered wood service to this kit which gives the wood an easy to finish old barn wood look.

I used a dark walnut stain on the table legs and skirt without using any wood conditioner since this was for the base color. Then I finished over that with white paint which is a traditional color for a farmhouse table.

Once I had a couple coats of paint and it had dried, I simply sanded over all the surfaces of the base to reveal the weathered wood grain.

Once the top was distressed, I used the pocket holes in the skirt boards to attach the top to the base, ensuring that the base was centered on the top. This small table is the perfect size for a work desk!

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