Beat the Summer Heat in an Rental

Living in a rented home or apartment limits your options when it comes to increasing the insulation value in your home. You can’t rip out our walls and install more insulation and replace windows and doors with new more efficient models. Even if you own your home, many of us don’t have the financial resourcesContinue reading “Beat the Summer Heat in an Rental”

Super Simple Upholstered Bench (Part Two)

3/4″ Sanded Plywood cut to length and width Fabric (a heavier material will have a longer life) Multi-Purpose Project Foam 1″ Quilt Batting Oversized Buttons Upholstery Needle Staple Gun and Staples 10 x 1″ Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws In Part One of this project, we covered the steps to order and assemble a tableContinue reading “Super Simple Upholstered Bench (Part Two)”

Super Simple Upholstered Bench (Part One)

Building the base for the bench If you have a farmhouse style table for your family, you might want a bench to squeeze the little ones onto. An upholstered bench adds a little more cushioning and color! Woodworkers with beginner to intermediate skills may not be up to the task of making mortise and tenonContinue reading “Super Simple Upholstered Bench (Part One)”